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Ness MEDI-MATE is an ultra-capable Australian Made and Australian Standards compliant 4G medical alert controller with Two Way Radio (TWR) spread spectrum technology.

MEDI-MATE features easy programming via the front panel or remote programming by SMS. Self monitoring by SMS messaging and Voice reporting. Backlit Help and Cancel keys. 

The powerful Two-Way Voice Call feature allows you to open a voice channel and talk back with hands-free operation for the user and supports up to 8 Medi-Mate Two Way Radio pendants.

SOS Medical Alert


Our package includes

Medi-Mate Controller

4G antenna

Pendant transmitter with neckchain and wrist strap

9 Volt DC
plug pack


Sim card


Professionally installed

SOS Medical Alert

Product Information

Freedom and Independence

The Medi-mate Personal Emergency Home Alert provides a feeling of safety and security and helps maintain independence.

We have been operating in the personal emergency alarm business for many years and have many clients that rely on us should they have a fall.

Our Grade A1 monitoring stations in Australia have the highest accreditation available for monitoring which means our customers receive the fastest response time available. Our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that we are there to respond to an emergency 24/7.

Medi-mate Personal Emergency Home Alert Features

  • Emergency Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Waterproof, wearable pendants and wristbands with up to 80 metres range
  • Long range pendants also available to 160m line of sight
  • Pendants can be activated from any room of the house or in the garden within the ranges above
  • Large easy to read LCD screen which will display user information and messages
  • Ability to program up to 5 daily reminders which can be used as Appointment or Medication reminders
  • An “Are you up?” reminder with visual and verbal prompts
  • Temperature and time displayed on screen or announced
  • Up to 40 hours battery back up in the event of a power cut


The Medi-mate is fully demonstrated and installed by trained Customer Care Consultants in your home.

Medi Mate

SOS Medical Alert

Feel Safe Knowing You Have A Medi-mate

Seniors Fall Statistics

A study by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners found 25% of people in their 60s will experience a fall in the next 12 months.*

A fall may lead to a fear of falling, avoidance of daily activities, social isolation, lowered quality of life and can precipitate a move to residential aged care.*

Older people are often not receptive to falls prevention as they underestimate their falls risk and don’t see themselves as “fallers”. However strategies that help maintain independence and emphasise that falls are not inevitable with age are better received. Discussing the positive aspects of falls prevention such as social and health benefits as well as engaging the family improves adherence.*

***Australian Family Physician “The Elderly’ Dec 2012


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